Can Vertiflex Help You?

Many patients suffer from lumbar spinal stenosis. This is a condition of the lower spine in which arthritis and degeneration cause the spinal canal to narrow. This creates less space for the nerves to move, typically causing pain with walking or standing for long periods. Patients can also experience cramping, weakness, or numbness in their legs. The pain typically improves with sitting down or leaning forward, for instance with the use of a shopping cart or walker.

Dr. Zach is happy to offer a new procedure for such patients with mild to moderate spinal stenosis, called Vertiflex. This procedure is minimally-invasive and performed at an outpatient surgery center. A small device is placed in the lumbar spine that opens the spinal canal and allows patients less back and leg pain and improves their ability to stand and walk for longer periods. Contact us for consultation if you think Vertiflex could help you – 402.413.5010.